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ClearlyIP Delivers Critical Alerts, Recording and Organizing Responses with Newest Innovation ‘CodeX’ to California School District

Moving to ClearlyIP for our support and Trunking services really has been night and day. If we have a question or are having a problem we can get in touch with an engineer immediately. When we came to them with a gap we had around safety and security looking for a solution it was more as a shot in the dark. Instead, ClearlyIP was able to get creative and expand upon their existing platforms and solutions and provide a solution that was engineered to work within existing hardware and to fit the requirements we had at a very competitive price that also fit within our existing systems and didn’t create another thing to maintain. Even now after the product is delivered they still continue to make improvements and I expect the solution will continue to evolve and improve over time.

~ Larry Simon, Chief Technology Officer at San Leandro Unified School District




San Leandro Unified School District is a publicly funded unified school district in San Leandro, Alameda County, California. Located on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay, between Oakland to the northwest and Hayward to the southeast. The district has 12 schools and 447 teachers, with a total enrollment of 8,729 students in kindergarten through 12th grade.


The Chief Technology Officer for San Leandro Unified School District understood the importance of emergency preparedness. When it came time to explore new innovation and solutions around emergency notification & monitoring platforms, Mr. Larry Simon, the Chief Technology Officer, approached ClearlyIP. With an existing relationship in place, SLUSD already had implemented a ClearlyIP Business Connect On-Premise System (on-premise or hosted?) earlier in the year (when?), Mr. Simon hoped there was a way to use their PBX and incorporate a built in emergency monitoring and notification system.

They wanted an affordable solution integrated with the phones to allow teachers to update the status of their classroom…easily and quickly. Ideally a quick dial code from their deskphone in a manner that was quick and discreet.Or, from their personal mobile device. So that in the event of an emergency a teacher could mark the classroom as safe or unsafe.

Children and adults are exposed to emergency situations in elementary, middle, and high schools. Although only a small minority of schools directly experience the most severe forms of violence, such as a school shooting, many schools and students are exposed to some emergencies, often on a regular basis. Threats are getting more common in schools, and can have damaging effects on children’s day to day life.. Many schools have turned to technology — as a way to prevent, intervene in, respond to, and protect schools from violent acts and risks to students’ safety. An ideal solution would be precise- it would create improved fail-safe location tracking for first responders.

To increase school safety, SLUSD wanted improved live reporting and the ability to broadcast a pre-recorded message or announcement. To identify and prioritize the safety needs on a per room basis or even to a set group of phones.


Hoping for a solution that could be worked into the operating budget, while meeting the needs of safety technology so important in schools, ClearlyIP was consulted.

The opportunity presented a new challenge to the ClearlyIP Engineering team, to develop a feature tightly integrated into their pbx offering that would allow notifications, response collection and reporting. The combination of two separate systems- a phone system AND an emergency system- all-in-one.

CodeX allowed the school district to augment their existing PBX, allowing for a classroom alerting and notification platform. Administrators are able to send out emergency alerts using the phone system, and individual classrooms can check in as (safe) using the phones already in their classroom. CodeX provided a dashboard which administrators can use to monitor and report on individual class room status.

Most importantly, CodeX was designed in such a way that it is easy to use – not requiring lengthy training or an extensive technical background. The safety team at the school district were able to manage the platform easily and seamlessly right from their desktop computers. On top of that, with the Clearly Anywhere mobile softphone, teachers could use the ap on their cell phones to quickly respond with “safe” or “unsafe” status updates.


San Leandro implemented CodeX as an additional feature to its pbx platform. They custom setup each room and 911 down to each individual classroom including 700 dispatchable locations. Every classroom has its own individual location.

“Working with ClearlyIP has really felt like a partnership. It is rare to find a telecommunications company that will truly listen to the client and not try to just make a current solution work. After we explained our needs for a safety alert and report system, ClearlyIP took our requirements, and created a solution that exceeded our expectations. This system can make the difference in an emergency for first responders and having it in place allows for greater piece of mind for our school district” says Larry Simon, Chief Technology Officer at San Leandro Unified School District


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Top 5 Features That Make ClearlyIP a Great Solution for School Safety


  1. Integrated” Phone System + Emergency System with Automated Emergency Alerts/Broadcast System
  2. Clearly Anywhere integration, (mobile softphone app for easy room status “safe” or “unsafe”)
  3. Silent Intercom and Discreet Mountable Panic Button Add-On
  4. Automatic Responce Logging-Monitors and Reports with date and time stamp
  5. Comprehensive location tracking system/Data-driven software to determine locations