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CodeX automates emergency notifications and management for schools and educational facilities, enabling critical and potentially life-saving alerts with the newest innovation for FreePBX Based Systems.

Breanna Fernie

What exactly is CodeX? CodeX is an Emergency Notification and Management add-on for FreePBX based phone systems. We came up with the name by thinking about emergency “Code Statuses,” you see in the movies, the news, and elsewhere, things like Code Yellow, Code Red, Code Blue, and so on. Since this add-on is designed to be very configurable, we have used the name CodeX. You can define the urgency of any specific emergency event to build a responsive template for your PBX. CodeX is engineered as an add-on to work with both FreePBX Based Solutions and Our Business Connect on-premise and hosted product offerings. So you can use this as an add-on for an appliance you purchase from us, or a compatible system you have installed yourself, or as an additional feature on our Business Connect solutions, you may already have a client on today.

What is the current security status of your school or organization?

This question is asked more often than we would like. Schools and universities have regular drills to attempt to prepare for most types of emergency incidents. Some companies have departments that anticipate and draw up Emergency Preparedness Plans. But what happens when a real emergency occurs? Communication is crucial in these circumstances, and the more concise the information, the faster someone can respond to it. Key technologies must improve schools’ and organizations’ safety, including communication between teachers and safety authorities, to better train emergency responders with an all-in-one platform.

CodeX began when a large school district in California utilized ClearlyIP for custom development. Larry Simon, CTO of the San Leandro Unified School District, called for a better way to manage emergencies and determine whether a classroom is safe or not. And he wanted to integrate it into a telephone system. After the engineers at ClearlyIP had done some initial design and testing, we developed CodeX. CodeX is a solution for automating announcements, monitoring, analyzing, and reporting all data collected in the PBX concerning emergencies.

CodeX works with any FreePBX 14+ based system and SIP phones to create a central repository of the safety status during an emergency. CodeX marks rooms or locations as safe or unsafe—automated messages delivered to all phones connected to the system or specific groups created by the administrator. Each classroom or designated area has a specific amount of time to respond with a code on their desk phone or use ‘Clearly Anywhere’ (the ClearlyIP mobile softphone solution) from their cell phone. It is a simple, quick dial to mark as safe or unsafe.

This system relieves the burden on someone who collects and records calls in a central location and is the only channel for communication with emergency responders. All the responses are logged, and the information is displayed on an easy to read screen. The automated recording ensures no numbers are transposed or skipped. This can be critical to first responders given the importance of quick response times and exact location. Rooms that do not respond are marked in yellow, and if ClearlyIP’s Silent Intercom has been enabled, then authorized administrators can then check those rooms.

This system is not solely limited to emergencies. It can be used for any reason that a response is needed from many separated recipients. The fact that the system logs the calls and responses means its use is only limited to your imagination. Classrooms, daycare centers, courtrooms, and municipalities- the opportunities are endless to turn your PBX offering into an emergency alerting and notification system. They improve the first responders’ knowledge and pinpoint what rooms are safe and what places are unknown.

I joined ClearlyIP because they don’t respond with “can’t.” The team of engineers and support is innovative, and when San Leandro Unified District in California gave us a chance to flex, our team was ready. Providing a solution that can save time and lives makes me proud of our team. Delivering the product within budget means that more schools and organizations can afford this solution. ClearlyIP is pleased to supply this solution, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

ClearlyIP truly does pride itself on working with our clients to provide the best solutions in a practical, efficient, and affordable manner. We strive to contribute by developing technologies like CodeX to help threat response and deter acts of violence with technologies needed to address the most pressing safety concerns. Cost-effective, easy to use, easy to implement, and practical; a clear mission for our company – where helping others is our actual success. If you have a telecom need not being met, we would love to talk to you about it. After all, it starts with a need.

You can purchase CodeX today by visiting the ClearlyIP Store or by contacting one of our partners.
Additional information can be found in the CodeX webpage and in our Knowledge Base.