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Receive Up to
$100 Credit
Per Line with a 3-Year Contract


Our current promotion offers customers the opportunity to receive significant credits per line with a 3-year contract, in addition to specialized incentives for our fax call path services.

We have tailored incentives for our fax call path services through For customers opting for a High or Low Volume Fax Call Path with a 3-year commitment, they qualify for 4 months of free service credit after six months of paid services.


Importantly, these credits stack, meaning that businesses with multiple fax call path services can unlock even greater savings.

For instance, if your office requires three call paths and opts for high volume fax call paths for all 3 lines, you would qualify for 4 month credit per Faxing Call Path that you purchase under a 3 year contract.



Terms and Conditions
Valid in United States and Canada. Must be for new services of Faxing purchased from April 1st 2024 through May 15th 2024 under a Location that has a 3 year contract. Credit applied will be equal to 4 months of the monthly service charge on your Fax Call Paths. The credit will be applied after 6 months of service with Clearly IP and will appear as a bill credit on your service with us. To request the credit you must submit a Faxing Credit Request Form within 60 days of purchase. Once the Credit is added to your service location after the 6 month period has elapsed an email will be sent from Clearly IP informing you of the Credit added to your service location. See the Form link above for full Terms of Services.