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ClearlyIP Utilizes CDM for Prestigious Vancouver Art Gallery Upgrade to Clearly Cloud

“As a long-time onsite technician for Vancouver Art Gallery, the upgrade to Clearly Cloud was a smooth and fast transition as we were able to utilize our Cloud Device Manager technology which made provisioning a breeze. Clearly Cloud is the ideal upgrade solution for the VAG team because the staff will have the option to use mobile or desktop softphones, collaborate from anywhere and have a secure infrastructure,”.

~ Stephen Lafontaine, ClearlyIP Technician

“What we loved most about this implementation was the lack of interruption to the customer and clean changeover. As the technical team utilized CDM for an organized, efficient and secure deployment.”

~ Susan Thorogood, Project Manager



Vancouver Art Gallery

The prestigious Vancouver Art Gallery, downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada was founded in 1931 and is recognized as one of North America’s most respected and innovative visual arts institutions. The Gallery’s innovative, ground-breaking exhibitions, extensive public programs, and emphasis on advancing scholarship all focus on the historical and contemporary art of British Columbia and international centers, with special attention to the accomplishments of First Nations artists and the art of the Asia Pacific region­—through the Institute of Asian Art founded in 2014. The Gallery’s programs also explore the impacts of images in the larger sphere of visual culture, design, and architecture.

The Vancouver Art Gallery is a not-for-profit organization supported by its members, individual and corporate donors, foundations, the City of Vancouver, the Province of British Columbia through the British Columbia Arts Council, and the Canada Council for the Arts. This inspirational art gallery is in its 90th year of bringing the best of the world to Vancouver- and has been a Customer with Telrad (ClearlyIP) and now, by way of acquisition, ClearlyIP since 1993 for 28+ years.


The Vancouver Art Gallery is the center of all that is happening in Vancouver; it is both the place to gather for public debate and the place to entertain and educate in matters of Art. With over 41,000 square feet of exhibition space and more than 10,000 works in its collection, having a secure and stable telecommunications infrastructure has always been a top priority. As a non-profit organization having the budget to do so is an ongoing challenge.

Vancouver Art Gallery had an outdated on-premise legacy Telrad Digital 400 Port PBX Dual Cabinet System with over 135 Digital Telephone Sets. And, although it was stable and offered the necessary level of security they required plus the basic necessities for the gallery to operate and communicate- when Covid-19 disrupted the world, it created an urgent requirement for a remote working solution and technology overhaul. Although their existing system was reliable- the technology was antiquated. It could not accommodate solutions for team engagement or remote teams to have a flexible collaboration solution that allows them to quickly and easily connect with each other, regardless of where they’re located or when they’re online.


ClearlyIP introduced an all-in-one team-managed collaboration and communication platform- ‘Clearly Cloud.’ With a robust suite of features including remote work solutions like mobile and desktop softphones, a video calling platform, new physical IP desk phones that can be moved anywhere around the facility or to users’ homes, the staff can talk to their team using whichever channel they wish.

The Clearly Anywhere softphone mobile app effectively lets users create a fully online workspace where they can message each other in real-time, create and manage tasks, and track the details of large, complex projects.

The technical deployment team within ClearlyIP utilized the new Cloud Device Manager to ensure a smooth and efficient deployment and transition from the old PBX to the new platform. By creating a single template for a few models, provisioning the physical endpoints was done in minutes, not hours, with the CDM utility tool and zero-touch provisioning. CDM enabled a fast turnover with precise programming and activation of the new devices for the fast-paced gallery team.


The Art Gallery determined that they needed five essential tools from their new communications platform.

  • Employee Engagement
  • Flexible Remote Work Solutions
  • Collaboration
  • Meet from Anywhere
  • High Security

Clearly Cloud was introduced as a Managed Solution that would offer the tools the organization wanted, along with the security required by the organization. Complimented by a flawless and fast installation offered with the utilization of Cloud Device Manager.

There were a few select employees that requested unique key set-ups. Those few exceptions were able to be configured without having to make a change to the template.

Employee Engagement was enhanced with ClearlyIP’s Clearly Cloud Video Conference Solution and Call Panel. This allowed knowledge and collaboration to meet for total synchronicity between customers and staff. Teams and individuals could work and meet from anywhere using ClearlyIP CIP desk phones and Clearly Anywhere mobile and desktop softphones, increasing productivity by saving travel time. The platform offers the overall security that can be customized down to the individual.


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Top 5 Reasons Vancouver Art Gallery Chose ClearlyIP


Top 5 Benefits of ‘Clearly Cloud’
  1. Simplified Device Provisioning
  2. Faster Installations
  3. Firmware & User Security Management
  4. Automation Management
  5. Platform Agnostic


Top 5 Benefits of ‘Clearly Anywhere’
  1. Affordable and Flexible
  2. Simple Set-up & Easy to Use
  3. Call Panel
  4. Scalability
  5. Professional Service