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ClearlyIP’s Clearly Cloud Offers All The Features a Partner Needs to Power Your Business.

With Clearly Cloud, I was able to get a Cloud Voice Platform built to grow with my business and offer all the features my customers needed at a price point that enabled me to stay ahead of the competition. Relying on this solution makes selling it to my clients something I not only believe in, but it’s also something I depend on as well.

~ Mike Trepanier, IT and Telephony Expert




JSA is a long-established IT Support Company and Systems Integrator fulfilling client’s IT and Telecom needs for several years. Based out of Montreal, Quebec, they serve small, medium, and enterprise customers across Canada and the United States.

As an IT managed services provider, the firm is comprised of professional IT specialists who make up the company’s core team. They are highly trained experts and provide direct IT support, IT management, telecom solutions, infrastructure services, and network/data security services.

As a systems integrator, they transform clients’ disparate hardware and software subsystems into a comprehensive IT solution. This also includes voice communication platforms. JSA is a comprehensive team focused on implementing, planning, coordinating, scheduling, testing, improving, and maintaining all IT and telephony operations. They focus on bringing together component subsystems into a whole and ensuring that those subsystems function together. They also solve problems of automation.


JSA has a diverse growing client portfolio all in different sectors with varying needs of a telecommunication platform. With business sizes from just a few employees up to large customers with multiple locations globally. JSA needed a solution that came down to five critical requirements: leading-edge technology, scalability, redundancy, integration, and competitively priced.

A critical component was that the manufacturer they partnered with needed to offer a trustworthy multi-tenant Cloud platform offering the ability to seamlessly grow and scale, along with redundancy their customers could rely on. This was important not only for flexibility and growth it was crucial to stay competitive. They would be going up against more extensive, more expensive solutions, so they needed a platform that offered included features and robust options as an all-inclusive package.

Several of JSA’s customers required a VoIP solution that could integrate with some unique applications. Including multi-zone paging, emergency announcement platform, and door control systems.


When JSA was introduced to ClearlyIP, they immediately identified the massive potential in its platform, partner program, and competitive pricing. They began evaluating the Cloud Platform to see if it would meet both the needs of JSA and those of their clients.

ClearlyIP seemed to check off all of the boxes that JSA was looking for. The solution is based on modern architecture, offering some features found only in some of the larger enterprise targeted companies. It was affordable, both for their own installation and for staying competitive in the telecom market. Most importantly, the system could integrate into some unique client applications, a vital component in a voice platform.
What finally made another difference was support. ClearlyIP offered full support that would allow them to feel comfortable depending on the system for their own use and confident in selling the solution to others.

ClearlyIP offered the value that they were looking for. Additionally, ClearlyIP manufactured their own phones, providing the ability for JSA to brand the phones with their own logo or offer that option to clients who wanted to have their company name and logo on their phones. What surprised them was the low minimum quantities and great pricing, allowing them to stand out from their competition.


Utilizing the features available and included with Clearly Cloud made selling it a breeze. Recommending the ClearlyIP Cloud Platform to their clients allowed the businesses to remain connected to their colleagues and customers, no matter the environment, with all the options and features every user needed.

With a cloud-based system, JSA’s customers maintain a consistent presence — and access the tools needed — to keep things running smoothly. All with the peace of mind that comes with a geo-redundant Platform offering the reassurance of stability they want and need in a Cloud voice solution.

JSA implemented the Clearly VoIP solution for customers that required superior integration as the system is versatile and easily accessible. A critical success area is supporting and connecting existing paging platforms, even operations with multi zones. They can integrate antiquated and sophisticated paging systems to their ClearlyIP Cloud phone system, giving them a competitive advantage.

The pricing structure of Clearly Cloud allowed JSA not only to remain competitive but offer a feature-packed solution with all the options included. No expensive add-ons or fine print- so it was an easy solution to sell and support.

Finally, as JSA’s business grew, adding additional tenants and lines was easy. With a few keystrokes, they could select a number, add it to an extension and have it up and running in a few minutes.

All of these benefits were made available to JSA’s customers, and they find the system to be both easy to use and a great value. They have options that were not available without a much higher investment and support that they could count on.


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Top 5 Benefits That Make Clearly Cloud a Great Solution


  1. Affordable and Flexible – Competitive rates with flexible terms.
  2. Business Continuity – Ensures that you can stay connected even in a disaster.
  3. Encrypted, Tested, Secure – Reliable infrastructure & encrypted conversations.
  4. Professional Service – Unlimited access to industry experts to support you.
  5. Scalability – Subscription is flexible to grow from 1 to 10,000 seats.