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Empower Your Operations Team and Increase Efficiency with Hospitality Solutions from ClearlyIP

Unlock the full potential of your operations team and enhance efficiency with the cutting-edge hospitality solutions offered by ClearlyIP. Our comprehensive range of tools and services is designed to empower your team, enabling them to deliver exceptional experiences to your guests. By harnessing the power of our hospitality solutions, you can optimize processes, improve guest satisfaction, and elevate the overall performance of your hotel operations. Let ClearlyIP be your trusted partner in transforming your business and driving success.



ComXchange cloud-based

On-Premise, Hosted or
Hybrid Platforms

ClearlyIP offers value-driven tailor-designed systems in either a hosted solution, on-premise deployment or hybrid platform customized for your unique property needs.

ComXchange Phone Apps

Phone Apps

Front desk staff can access guest information and wake-up call settings via phone apps to ensure the guest experience is never compromised.

Hospitality Satisfaction

Assured Guest

Guests can enjoy personalized room services tailored to their individual preferences, such as scheduling wake-up calls, activating the Do Not Disturb feature, and more, all facilitated by the hotel staff.


ComXchange has PMS Integration

PMS Integration

Our solution uses secure methods to connect with all major property management systems and is capable of dual or multi-brand support to streamline operations, retain client data, and have timely records.

Hospitality Emergency

Emergency Compliant

The safety and comfort of your guests is your first priority. If a guest has an emergency and dials 911, ClearlyIP’s solutions makes sure the room location is indicated and correct, and in compliance with Kari’s Law and RAY Baum’s Act.

ComXchange is hardware agnostic


Our solutions are compatible with ClearlyIP’s CIP phones and all other major brands of analog and IP desk phones. It’s built on open standards, providing flexibility and longevity.





Hospitality Solution

Developed for hospitality, ComXchange integrates with all major PMS systems and checks every box, from emergency notifications to wake-up calls to call accounting. Beyond high-quality products, we provide dedicated, personalized support to our customers can best serve their guests.

ClearlyIP Phone in Hotel Room

IP Desk Phones
for Hospitality

ClearlyIP offers a line of IP desk phones that provide high-quality audio, and a user-friendly interface. With easy setup and Zero-Touch provisioning, they make a great fit for any front desk, back office or guest room needs. ClearlyIP’s phones provide a professional high-end look and feel, ensuring your image and brand is at its best.

ClearlyIP Hospitality Gateway

Hospitality Gateways
and Call Servers

Have existing analog phones? We’ve got you covered. ComXchange FXS & FXO gateways are cost-effective while still supporting an advanced feature-set, and available in various port densities. And ComXchange call servers utilize best-in-class hardware and are available in configurations that can handle up to 3000 extensions.




Key Benefits You Will Enjoy


  • System Scalability
    Scale your system to meet the needs of your growing business and evolving guest expectations.
  • Detailed Reporting and Analytics
    Gain insight into your operations with detailed reporting and analytics.
  • Improved Communications
    Improve communication between departments, reducing misunderstandings and mistakes.
  • Compatible with Your Current Phones
    Explore retaining your existing IP desk phones and analog guest room phones, as most major brands will be compatible with ClearlyIP’s various Hospitality solutions and platforms.
  • Increased Productivity
    Increase productivity by providing tools and technology that help your team work smarter, not harder.
Hospitality Solutions Benefits





Trunking Services

ClearlyIP Trunking Service aka “SIP trunking” (Session Initiated Protocol) utilizes your own internet bandwidth to route your calls instead of using expensive traditional analog phone lines or T1/PRI connections. The SIP Protocol is a universal open standard communications method that can connect to just about any SIP-enabled phone system or device.

SIP Trunking