Panic Button

A Single Button Alerts All Necessary Administration

ClearlyIP’s Panic Button allows the user to notify all needed parties, indicating a problem and identifying the location, without detection.

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Panic Button


What is the Panic Button

A single button that instantly dials multiple programmed numbers and plays a pre-recorded message to the recipients. The phone then goes into a broadcast-only mode, allowing the people on the receiving end to note the location of the call, and hear what is transpiring in the room. The Panic Button™ is available in two different options, the standard method is a designated programmed button on the phone itself. The other option is an available add-on USB button that connects to the phone.

How Does it Work?

ClearlyIP has implemented the option for a Panic Button™ on all ClearlyIP Phones. By pressing the Panic Button, pre-programmed numbers are all dialed instantly. A pre-recorded message is played for those receiving the call. After the message is played, the microphone on the phone is set to broadcast only, allowing the recipients to hear anything happening around the phone. Most importantly, this is all done without any indication that the phone is on or connected to a call.


Panic Button School Classroom

Peace of Mind and Help is Only a Button Press Away

This function can be used by anyone in the room that has been instructed in its use. If a faculty member is injured, or just cannot leave the room for safety reasons, this button can bring help where it is needed. Sometimes the difference in lives all comes down to time and information. Where is the threat, and how fast can help get there?

In 2019 there were 417 mass shootings in the U.S.*, of those, 25 took place in schools. **
With everything that educators must deal with throughout the day, giving them a single button to notify, and call for help means they can get their kids to safety that much faster. Simple, quick and effective. This innovation from ClearlyIP is just one more reason that we’re the clear choice.

*According to figures on
**According to Education Week, 2020. The School Shootings of 2019: What’s Behind the Numbers



Why Do Schools Need the Panic Button?


Instant Alerting

Instantly dials multiple programmed numbers and plays a pre-recorded message to the recipients.

Location-Based Alerting

Administration receives location of the call, and can hear what is transpiring in the room.

Quicker Response Times

A single button push to call for help means kids and staff get to safety that much faster.