ComXchange Deployments

ComXchange Deployment Types



An on-premise ComXchange hospitality phone system is physically installed and maintained on-site at a hotel or lodging establishment. In this setup, the hotel purchases a ComXchange system license and operates the phone system, including the hardware and software, typically stored in a dedicated equipment room within the property and connects via a serial or IP port to a PMS system. ComXchange on-premise systems offer complete control and customization options, making it possible to tailor features and configurations to the hotel’s specific needs.

The ComXchange on-premise system can seamlessly integrate with various hotel Property Management Systems (PMS) via serial or IP port connection, facilitating efficient communication between hotel staff and guests while ensuring compatibility with the hotel’s management and booking systems. This integration enables features like guest check-in/check-out notifications and personalized service requests to enhance the overall guest experience.

It easily integrates with ClearlyIP’s SIP Trunking services or other SIP trunking providers for making and receiving voice calls over the internet. Alternatively, traditional phone lines can be integrated to initiate and receive phone calls over PRI/T1 or analog communication channels. The hybrid approach of connecting both SIP Trunks and traditional phone lines can leverage the benefits of IP technology while maintaining compatibility with legacy phone infrastructure.

ComXchange On-Premise Setup Diagram - ComXchange deployment types

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ComXchange is offered as a hosted hospitality platform, entirely cloud-based and managed by ClearlyIP as your third-party service provider. Hospitality organizations preferring this setup connect to the ComXchange system in a ClearlyIP data center and access the phone services via the Internet, eliminating the need for on-site equipment and reducing maintenance responsibilities. This solution can be packaged with ClearlyIP SIP Trunking or any other carrier of your choice.

A hosted hospitality phone system can offer advantages over an on-premise solution if an organization wants to eliminate the need for significant upfront capital expenditure on hardware and infrastructure, as ClearlyIP takes care of the equipment, connection services, and maintenance. This makes it a cost-effective option for hotels, especially smaller ones with limited budgets. Additionally, the ComXchange hosted system provides scalability, allowing hotels to easily add or remove lines and features as their needs change without the hassle of purchasing and configuring new hardware.

ComXchange hosted offers flexibility for remote management and monitoring, ensuring seamless guest service even when staff is off-site. Regular updates and support ensure that the hotel stays up-to-date with the latest technology and security features without the burden of constant maintenance and upgrades.

ComXchange Hosted Setup Diagram

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The ComXchange hybrid deployment offers the best of both worlds by combining the reliability and control of on-premise with the flexibility and scalability of an entirely cloud-based solution. The hybrid platform includes a local controller hardware solution on the hotel property that maintains the PMS connectivity, stores the guest information, and supports any guest room phone devices. At the same time, the external calls and administrative IP phone devices are connected to the cloud system.

It is an all-in-one platform, ensuring continuous operation even if the internet or cloud system experiences downtime. This resilience is achieved by relying on an on-premise local controller appliance that maintains the guest system and connectivity with the Property Management System (PMS). The hotel’s internal connection is stable with failover infrastructure to maintain phone services with connectivity to either backup traditional line services or the SIP Trunking connection that has the flexibility to connect to the cloud system or the internal guest system-ensuring that calls can still be made and received within the hotel even when connectivity is disrupted.

The hybrid setup provides hotels with the advantages of retaining existing legacy guestroom phones, on-site dependability, and redundancy while also offering remote access and simplified scalability, making it a versatile choice to traditional on-premise and fully hosted alternatives.

ComXchange Hybrid Setup Diagram

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