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The Technology That Works LLC
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We are a dedicated technology company. Specializing in Voice Solutions based on SIP technology. The TTW has been so named because we know that technology is a tool that you use in your job—it is not your job. Our passion is to make your technology work for you.

We work for you to provide a well-managed and documented network, allowing you to focus not on your tools but on your day-to-day job. Poorly managed networks or failing technology can cause disastrous and costly interruption in your business and ultimately your bottom line.

That is why our philosophy is to become your partner, providing knowledgeable solutions, service, and if needed, management of your technology. We are not simply pushing products but providing a service, making your technology be The Technology That Works.

(216) 393-4630
4758 Ridge Rd., #402
Cleveland, OH 44144
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