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Gastaldo Chose Business Connect To Create a More Connected Operation. Platform Allowed Simple, Secure, and Seamless Faxing

The Platform has completely modernized our fax processes. It has really improved our team’s ability to efficiently send vital project planning documents and organize important order details for time-sensitive projects.

Business Connect enables seamless collaboration from one easy-to-use platform allowing us to work quickly, run improved workflows, and continually optimize communications. It’s powerful. It’s easy to use.

~ Luigi Gastaldo, President & Owner – Gastaldo Concrete Ltd




Gastaldo Concrete Group has been providing high-quality concrete pumping, placing, and finishing services to the British Columbia construction industry since 1973. In addition to their team of skilled cement masons, they have various companies within their group, including an advanced fleet of Putzmeister concrete boom pumps. In recent years they expanded their services to include ice rink slab construction and the production and placement of lightweight cellular concrete. They are the proud authorized Putzmeister dealer for BC and a highly reputable well known family-run business.


Gastaldo is a fast-paced project-based company. With continuous demand for concrete and various other related services, it is the textbook story of success due to the ever-building construction and development projects across British Columbia and their specialized expertise. As a result, Gastaldo’s experts are highly requested, and continuous customer activity created a growing need for automation of their communication operations.

The company was growing and starting to diversify into various departments and divisions with ever-evolving project requests. Communication systems were starting to fall behind their technology needs. Processes needed to be updated and workflows automated. Although the company was successfully growing, expanding its workload, and adding to the team, they began to outgrow their existing system. They required something flexible, something that could grow and change as their business peaked or slowed down.


Gastaldo implemented a totally new voice platform with ClearlyIP- ‘Business Connect’, deciding to modernize their fax processes with an upgrade to ‘’. Business Connect was chosen as a solution to streamline communications, automate call handling, and improve their business phone system’s overall voice quality and reliability. In addition, new CIP IP Desk Phones were installed to improve users’ experience and update existing hardware technology.

With fax being an important tool, they implemented They wanted to set up various fax numbers to be routed to the correct department, personnel, or division. Plus, reduce the monthly overhead of costly analog services. ClearlyIP was pleased to do an overhaul of clean-up and audit of services. This solution would also meet their initiative to reduce their use of paper significantly.


Business Connect addressed their desire for a more connected operation with a business phone system, mobile and desktop app, and paging —all in one platform. With the new system, they can access real-time analytics for phone activity so that Management can see all system activity to track and report service quality, system usage, and other key performance indicators.

They can expand in minutes, setting up new lines and users instantly, giving the means to scale smarter. When new projects are signed- entire project teams can be set up on the platform over a cup of coffee. “There really isn’t another platform that seamlessly integrates all communications into one solution like ClearlyIP.” remarked Luigi Gastaldo. services helped Gastaldo to automate manual processes and increase security. Fax workflow integrations and automatic fail-over was set up and implemented. It simplified the faxing service along with a considerable cost reduction as they were able to discontinue several analog lines. Instructions that were often sent by fax used to get stuck in a vacuum; now, they are no longer delayed. With, multiple transmissions can be sent and received, ensuring that timelines are met and customers are happy. Gastaldo appreciated the ease of confirmations of fax transmissions arriving as a pdf, which are now easily organized directly into a customer or project folder.

The strategy proved successful. In just a few months since its implementation, Gastlado has noticed a great improvement in team collaboration, customer satisfaction, and overall efficiencies.


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Top 5 Benefits of ‘’


  1. Fax From Anywhere, On Any Device
  2. Reduced Monthly Overhead
  3. No Per Page, Per User Or Per Group Fees
  4. Improved Storage and Organization of Historical Faxes
  5. Automate Manual Processes


Top 5 Benefits of ‘Business Connect’


  1. 24x7x365 Support
  2. Unlimited Extension For Scalability
  3. Time-Based Call Routing
  4. IVR
  5. Paging/Intercom